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The Movie Business

A data visualization about the business of movies. It shows that the movies we love the most, specially including the big blockbuster hits, may not be the most profitable. How profitable are the movies you love?

Explore The Movie Business.

Class project for Mapping and Diagramming at Carnegie Mellon University, completed in 2 months (Spring 2014).

I created an interactive data visualization using front end web technology.

Creating an Interactive Visualization using d3, HTML, CSS and jQuery, Visual Design, and Interaction Design.

The Concept

The Movie Business is an interactive data visualization that shows that the most popular movies are not necessarily the most profitable.

It measures the movie popularity using 2 metrics - box office collections and user ratings from Rotten Tomatoes. It compares this with the movie profits across 8 popular genres.

The Process

I got the raw data from I sketched out different representations of the data, specially focussing on how to most effectively show correlations between profit and revenue.

I then used d3.js to generate the bar charts and created precise triangle graphs in Illustrator.