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Spotter is the Airbnb for parking spaces.
It makes finding parking spots in crowded cities easier by letting people rent parking spots owned by other people.

Class project for Mobile Service Innovation at Carnegie Mellon University, completed in 3 months (Spring 2014) in a team of 6 (Montserrat Lobos, Sun Park, Soo Park, Peeyush Goyal, Alberto Cusack, and me).

I was the Lead Interaction Designer, responsible for creating interactive prototypes and testing them. I also created the pitch video.

Interaction Design, Interactive Prototyping, Visual Design, and User Testing (Speed Dating and Online Surveys).

The Problem

Today, cities are getting more compact and the number of cars on the road are increasing. As parking spots are apparently getting scarcer by the day, it has resulted in parking being one of the biggest problems in cities.

We believe this problem can be improved significantly by using the concept of sharing economies to optimize our parking resources.

The Research

Our first step was to identify a product opportunity in the parking space. We did this by doing a PEST (Political, Economic, Social, Technological) analysis. Based on that, we identified a POG (Product Opportunity Gap)

We discovered a viable and feasible opportunity in creating a service for renting out private parking spots. We then tested this concept via online surveys, speed dating and interviewing potential users.

Findings from the online survey

  • People are comfortable about renting out their parking spots.
  • They prefer renting it out when they are out of town, at the office, or out shopping for a few hours
  • People are willing to rent a parking spot before they leave their house.

Findings from speed dating our concept storyboards

  • People are comfortable renting parking spots owned by strangers.
  • Cost and distance from the destination are the most important factors for finding a parking spot.

The Solution

Introducing Spotter

Spotter is a mobile app that makes finding parking spots in cities very convenient. The primary feature of Spotter is that it allows you to rent parking spots owned by other people.

To increase your parking options, Spotter also lets you find public parking spots like street parking and parking garages.

Click here to see the prototype.
(Or visit on your phone)

Why Spotter?

Find a good parking spot quickly

Spotter shows you private spots available for rent near your destination. It also aggregates data from parking garages and street parking spots.

Spotter helps you find the cheapest and closest parking options near your destination.

Rent a parking spot

Spotter lets you rent parking spots from people who own parking spots. Once you select a spot, you can book it in 3 easy steps.

Rent out your parking spot

Spotter lets you rent out your personal parking spot. The sign up form process for parking spot owners is short and easy 4 step process.

The Process

The project started with brainstorming sessions and market research to find a viable and feasible opportunity. Then, we refined our ideas by sketching ideas, creating mid fidelity prototypes, and testing them.

Finally, we refined the visual design, and created a hifi prototype to convey the concept. We also created a video to pitch the idea for a crowdfunding campaign.