Rohan Singh


Visualizing personal data

Window is a concept for a data visualization app that enables you to monitor your mood by analyzing your writing habits and displaying them visually

Project Content

Class project for Graduate Prototyping at Carnegie Mellon University, completed in 2 months (Fall 2013).

My Role

I used Processing to create the data visualization and created a concept video sketch to demonstrate an ideal use case for this concept.

The Project Brief

The project brief was to create a data visualization using Processing and concept video to convey how this visualization could be used.

Window: The Concept

Window lets you stay in touch with your loved ones when you cannot communicate with them regularly. It lets you know how they are doing by analyzing their journals and showing you how they are feeling.

It also shows you what they are writing about and how frequently. You can track their state of mind over time and always feel connected to them.

The Prototype

I prototyped Window using Processing and used my Evernote journal as the data source.
This video is a detailed walkthrough of the app.

Prototype Breakdown

The controls

The date slider lets you control the date range (Dec 5, 2011 to Nov 25, 2013) for the visualization.

You can toggle between a date view and day view. The date view shows you the visualization across the date range. The day view lets shows you the visualization across the day for the selected date range.

You can select different words to visualize. You can select different words to compare over time to see how frequently they have been used.

The visualization

The visualization is based on the selected date range. It has 3 parts to it - emotions, word count, and individual word usage.

The emotions track 3 emotions, happy, neutral, and sad, based on word categories.

The main graph visualizes the number of words written. You can track words written across days or words written at different times of the day across a date range.

Finally, you can track and compare the usage multiple words.

Tracking Emotion

Word Count

Frequency of Words

The Process

I scraped the data from my Evernote journal by creating an Apple script. I then created several sketches of the visualization and the interactions.

I then programmed it using Processing and created a video sketch to explain a use case for the concept.

Initial Sketches to Visualize Data

Apple Script to Extract Data from Evernote