Rohan Singh

I am a Product Designer.

I am currently helping developers and site reliability engineers get quality sleep by improving their troubleshooting and monitoring experience with Sumo Logic.

I graduated with a Masters in Human-Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon. I discovered UX design at Mumbai University and immersed myself in it at Techved Consulting, a UX consultancy in Mumbai.

I have it all captured in a neat Resume 📋

Sumo Logic 2014-now

Imagine you're an engineer at Pinterest. It's 2am and your phone starts ringing. You turn over half asleep and notice an alert - 'Major outage. Pinterest is down. Root cause this ASAP'.

Groggy and tired, you fire up Sumo Logic to troubleshoot this issue. The next day at work, you write up a post mortem with your team and monitor this situation using Sumo Logic.

Defining Personas👫

I helped create and evangelize personas and customer journey maps to drive product strategy and align cross functional teams.

Enabling Collaboration🍿

I drove the user experience for enabling content sharing, our highest requested customer feature.

Re-architecting Sumo Logic

I led the product's UX re-architecting effort to make the interface scalable and address a ton of UX debt.

Personal Projects

Slack Sumo Logic Integration 🙌

Enhancing the collaboration experience for Sumo Logic users using Slack

Window 🚪

Prototyping a data visualization app in Processing to analyze writing habits.

Carnegie Mellon 2013-2014

Capstone Project with Eaton Corporation 🎓

Designing a remote monitoring system for maintenance personnel in commercial institutions to increases worker safety, reduce maintenance costs and decrease reliance on experts.

Spotter 🚗

Designing an iPhone app for the Airbnb of parking spots.

The Movie Business 🎥

Visualizing trends in the movie business using D3.js

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I am an ENFP and JD from Scrubs. I love board games, that watermelon beer from 21st Amendment, and living in the Mission.

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